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Periodic reports
In addition to maintaining constant communication with our client as part of our service policies, periodically we send a chart and a detailed status report of each case, so our customer may rely on a great value tool.

Always on top, so the processes flow with the assurance that the information handled is readily available at any time, which ensures us a constant and consistent follow-up of management.

Benefits / Advantages
We offer the flexibility to adapt to your requirements in order to satisfy your needs with efficiency and excellence, the benefits we can add to your company are:
- Debt recoveries at short term,
- Always on top with regards to information technology.
- We try they shall be covered by the debtors.
- Efficiency in collections management.
- High qualified personnel, who gives a timely reply. 
- Perfect location, with easy access routes.
- We warrant the customer an excellent accounts management.
- We strive to give you a memorable service.

The personnel is dynamic, has experience in collection management, negotiation with debtors and are also in constant training; these managers are supported by a team of professionals specialized in the fields of:

  • Legal
  • Finances
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

Throughout the process we maintain constant communication with the client so, at the time of making a decision, he is also involved.