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The efforts are structured through specialized teams, specifically trained to achieve recoveries in the shorter possible time, mitigating unnecessary contingencies through training and constant monitoring to avoid risks that eventually may jeopardize your business.

As a Contact Center ruled by the market demands and by our customers, we are focused on a continuous improvement of our processes and management of the human capital for customers and end users; therefore, we have implemented:

- Continuous and Dynamic Training Plans - Monitoring System.
- Monitoring and classification of fatal and nonfatal errors, etc.
- Coaching and Monitoring Results.
- Security of the information.
- Security of the physical facilities.

We have great management tools:

I. More quality in customer service.

II. More quickness in customer care.

III. Increased business performance.

IV. Increased customer personal relationship.

V. Improved level of service.

VI. Recording of calls.

VII. Call Monitoring in real time.

VIII. Video Cameras Surveillance and Monitoring Systems.